The Starlet June: Wildfox’s New Collection

Wildfox’s “The Starlet June” Collection is a melting pot of Hollywood glamour, classic beauty, and ideas that are closely intertwined with the entertainment industry. The collection is soft, chic, and a little cheeky which is Wildfox’s unique signature. My favorite part of the collection is the reengineering of some of Hollywood’s most famous film studio logos MGM and Paramount. Each studio has the most iconic logo and Wildfox turns these on their head. The MGM inspired pullover is particularly smart because Wildfox displaced the famous MGM lion with a kitten! The image is not only adorable but playful and utterly wearable. Along with a couple of  other graphic tees, Wildfox has also released a one piece swimsuit with bold stripes that’s cut to look classic and very chic. This would be a great addition to any wardrobe. That attitude and grace continues throughout the entire collection and lends an effortless beauty to the wearer.

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