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EXCLUSIVE: The Fabulous Stains Collection - Part 1

We are soooo incredibly excited about our new collection by Cara Bloom!!! Its been a long time in the making... featuring brilliant hues and bold shapes. The pieces embody the care free and youthful aspect that’s true to our brand and pulls forward some of the core influences like 90’s toys, pop culture, art, psychedelic motifs, and the awkward cute vibes of the 2000s, by playing with color, print, and texture. Needless to say, it's a feast for the eyes and is perfect fusion of our aesthetics. Neons, pastels, vinyl and fur this lookbook has it all, and it absolutely gushes fun and happy energy that will no doubt leave you grinning ear to ear. With inspiration from Lisa Frank coloring books and cult classic films like Clueless, each piece will give you a taste of nostalgia. One of our favorite looks in the collection is the yellow sunflower crop and the pastel rainbow box pleated skirt. The skirt is a really fun twist on a tennis skirt, and it reminds us of a pin wheel which reiterates the child-like influence that’s super present throughout the lookbook. We're also a huge fan of the sunflower crop because it’s simpler and brings a calmer element to a really loud collection, which in turn brings focus to the more statement pieces. All together this lookbook screams S/S and has a light, youthful, and energetic presence that is refreshing and tough to beat.

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