Somewhere X Nowhere New Editorial Staring Kelly Raphaelle, Photographed by Elly Chang

Somewhere X Nowheres new editorial staring Kelly Raphaelle is like a neon dream and honestly reminds me of glow in the dark mini golf and laser tag. Hot pink, orange, yellow, and green and a whole lot of black, this collection celebrates contrast and color in every piece. As a whole the look book is simple in terms of silhouette but has an excellent use of texture and finish, that when pulled together, makes the looks extremely inviting. two of the front runners for me in the collection is the double layered sheer top and the speckled pattern jacket. The jacket has that sharp contrast that the collection is really centered around and the pattern being of organic shaped has an almost calculated and digital effect while still maintaining a hand drawn look. The fringe and mix of patterns featured in the jacket as well give the piece a super interesting finish that complements the other textures used in the lookbook. The double layered omepink top also has that digital, hand drawn effect with the “Somewhere Nowhere” embroidered on each layer in a different color. This technique also gives the piece a level of depth that’s lost when you layer the same fabric twice as to two different fabrics. As a whole the collection is fun, interesting and has a unique voice that highlights not only what you can do to a fabric but what a fabric can do aesthetically for a lookbook.

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