Simplicity in Streetwear: The Ragged Priest’s Fall Collection

The Ragged Priest takes on asian inspired streetwear with simple and sleek designs giving the pieces a casual presence. Hoodies and graphic long-sleeved tops are a highlight, and use elongated arms and minimal graphics to accentuate the androgynous feel of the whole collection. The graphics in the collection do have a humorous undertone to them, but they almost mock fashion. Simplicity and a pared down esthetic being the star of the show with this collection, so it’s no surprise that there is only one print; a monochromatic checkerboard print used in the oversized long tops.  Although this pattern is busy, the silhouettes are incredibly simple and almost consume the models, so it doesn't feel overbearing.  The simplicity of each look and more masculine forms in the collection make it cohesive and super wearable.

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