Rococo Rosé: Child of Wild’s ’17 Festival Collection

The essence behind Child of Wild‘s genius is that each collection is inspired by historical art movements and cultural rituals. So is it any wonder that their Festival ’17 look-book “Rococo Rosé” draws upon the 18th century to creates the modern-day Marie Antoinette? In a world where people opt for “a lot of cheap” in their wardrobe and accessories, and deck the lawns of festivals looking like clones, this thoughtful brand has created something truly original. Pastel pink dominates and is at the forefront of this season’s striking esthetic. Chic modern day street-wear is subsequently drenched in rhinestones, icy layers, and mixed metal essentials to highlight the look. The icing on the cake? This season’s muse, the infamously lavish French queen, is dripping in diamonds.

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