Kawaii Perfection: Sugar Thrillz New Collection

Sugar Thrillz new collection “#Kawaii Perfection”  feel like a snapshot of an adult 6 year old birthday party. With pouts ear to ear, dripping in pastels, and ultra femme silhouettes this collection is so sweet it'll give you a tooth ache. Heavily influenced by the whimsy and adorable aspects of Japanese fashion trends and culture, this collection embodies childlike innocence, but leans into sheers and soft lingerie, which gives it a sultry edge. The look that stood out the most for me was the sheer floral patterned baby doll dress with a layered bralet and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. The sheer elements gave the look dimension and a sense of purity while still being semi revealing. The color palette throughout the collection is seamless,and even the lavender bob on the models and the comical placement of a Pepto Bismol bottle in the photos appropriately fits the theme. Overall the use of layering, playing with the line of sexy and innocent, and the vast tones of pastels used, really make this collection a feast for the eyes and perfect additions to any kawaii girl’s closet.

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