Innocence Lost: For Love and Lemons’ New Collection

For Love and Lemons takes a break from their head to toe lace looks to focus on sweet and sultry babydoll dresses that show a little skin. These beautiful pieces are delicate and girly but are styled with suede, leather, and sheer components to create a more suggestive look. This edgy side to the lookbook is refreshing because it takes something that is constructed to look innocent, being primarily blush and pastel tones covered in lace and bows and juxtaposes it with something that is known to be badass, sexy, and dangerous. The result is an extreme balance of the two that is both striking and alluring. The collection even goes so far to incorporate a leather harness but the piece is nude toned and has flower accents, so the push and pull of something that is taboo and something that is sweet is very intentional in this collection which makes it very fashion forward and very intriguing.

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