Graduating Class of '96: LF’s New Campaign

Lf plays with the look of a high school jock and school pride in their new campaign, focusing in on 90’s grunge aesthetic and shaping it into a modern take on casual wear. Many of the pieces in the collection have an athletic influence such as the ripped boyfriend jeans with racing stripes down the  side seam and a cropped pull over with a letterman styled star on the hood. LF uses a large amount of assorted plaid in the collection to reflect on 90’s grunge trends and what was originally seen as a preppy print. To add on to this nostalgic vibe Lf is creating, numbers were used to echo graduation class years and sports numbers on team jerseys. This collection as a whole pulls from the cool kid in school aesthetic that is often envied and makes it effortless and achievable for every girl, even if you weren't popular in high school.

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