Giving Power Back to Casual Wear: Wildfox’s Fall Collection "Wilder Things"

The decades are in the lime light with Wildfox’s new fall collection. Incorporating hairstyles like the Pageboy, and the feathered look, with wide lensed sunnies, the nod to 70’s culture is one of the first things that captures the eye. However, an early to mid 80’s influence falls into the color palette, which includes red orange, periwinkle and a few nude tones. The 80’s inspiration continues onto the silhouettes used in this look book. Although Wildfox  continued their  signature graphic pullovers in this collection, they also created sweat suits that are reminiscent of the 80’s power suit. Bringing back shoulder pads, skinny legged pants, and a  small waist, the collection modernizes 80’s staples. The way this collection is styled actually reminds me of the way Netflix’s “Stranger Things” is styled, because of it’s lean towards adventure, and strength. All together, it’s a home run for casual wear.

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