Fantastical Footwear: YRU’s New Collection

Pastels and Hologram are the kings and queens of color in YRU’s new drop. Sticking to their classic silhouettes and expanding on newer ones, YRU explores the influence of cyberspace and Japanese kawaii fashion to create 9 pairs of hightop sneakers and boots. YRU revamps  a few pairs of combat boots by ultimately ditching the classic black leather and replacing it with gradient pastel, white, and holographic material. One of the major things that separate YRU from many other brands is their signature flash reflective finishing on select styles. The newest  flash reflective edition to YRU is a  super cute 90’s styled platform boot covered in metal studs. YRU’s innovative use of materials and approach to shape has really cemented their place as one of the most fun and whimsical shoe brands on the market in their price bracket.

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