Event Recap: Wanderlust 108

Wanderlust is described as a strong desire to travel. And that’s something we firmly believe in here at The Fabulous Stains!  Our HBIC recently attended Wanderlust 108, which is basically a field day for your mind, body and soul.  You can’t beat that.  This is truly a place to reconnect with you inner child!  There are plenty of activities that our gal Jessi wasted no time in trying… including a 5K run, yoga flow underscored by a DJ, AiReal yoga, acroyoga, hooping, slacklining, and tribal marking.  She even got a chance to check out their funky local crafts and delicious organic foods!  Jessi had such a blast diving head first into this vibrant community filled with self awareness and inner peace.    It’s a fun filled and challenging day that will leave you better than when you arrived. Check out the photos Jessi was able to capture below… and while you’re at it, make sure to visit their official website to see when it’s in your city!

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