Current Obsession: This Quirky, Rad Editorial from Somewhere x Nowhere

It may be the wool-mix fabric, or the raw cut edges, or perhaps it’s the corset-inspired details from it’s oversized jackets? But something about Somewhere x Nowhere‘s editorial Moonrise Simulator’s Child, has got us under its spell. Giving the illusion of colorful splattered paint against a clean black canvas, this quirky brand best known for creating everyday unisex street-wear and injecting them with magic has us hooked. Futuristic green and black print play nicely with a combo of brown plaid and animal print. Only a brand who describes themselves as dreamers of candy floss and marshmallows could execute such a daring contrast of colors so eloquently. Made from materials that have been sourced internationally and with a mission to create “cuteness for everyone”, if you’re looking to transform the humdrum life to something extraordinary, Somewhere x Nowhere is a great place to start.

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