Bohemian Beach Babe - Spell Designs “Flower Child” Collection

Spell Designs “Flower Child” collection is youthful, beachy, and ultra feminine. Spell Designs focuses on the floral side of bohemian chic for this collection and uses multiple bold floral and chintz prints throughout the lookbook on maxi dresses, jackets, bikinis, tops, and skirts. The floral theme also is transferred into a lot of embroidery on dark wash denim. The collection is billowy and soft and screams spring and summer. My favorite look in the collection is the fringe, multicolored top and skirt crocheted duo. Being one of the two looks featured that doesn't include some sort of floral aspect, this look still carries the same fun and carefree vibe the rest of the collection does, and incorporates most of the colors used in the other pieces featured. The duo adds to the effortless beauty that embodies the whole collection. All together the lookbook shines a light on bohemian beach wear and is perfect for soaking up the SoCal sun.

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