Funk the Haters: Jacked Fashion x The Fabulous Stains Collab featuring Jordan Debarge

We're back with ANOTHER super dope collab with Jacked Fashion (featuring the always stunning Jordan Debarge)... and this time, it’s Jacked Fashion in technicolor! Taking you on a trip to wonderland, this new wave of art wear is dripping in whimsy. Care free and full of fun, this collection is effortless whilst still managing to have gestalt. Covered in glitter, sequins, and stamp work, all the showcased looks all have a diy, rather playful look to them. In addition to the juxtaposition of prints, paint, and all things that shine, this Jacked Fashion lookbook is plastered in sayings like “play through the fear” and “funk the haters”. All together its kooky, independent, and absolutely screams I don’t give a funk.

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