A Whole New World: Poster Girl’s New Collection

Poster Girl’s new collection looks as though it’s built for fashion forward Dr, Seuss characters and I’m absolutely in love. There’s a brilliant sense of unity throughout the collection through the use of a warped chevron print and the color blocking of pastel blue, pink, and violet. The silhouettes are feminine and have varied elements of structure. Every piece in the collection works in seamless cohesion with each other and are extremely inviting. One of my favorite parts of this collection are the accessories which are specifically cut and colored to match the clothing. The distorted chevron shape is continued onto the shoe, and follows from the thigh to the base of the heel. That same pattern is continued into the bags where even the cut matches a few of the hemlines of the clothing. The attention to detail and the simple vision of this look book is what makes it so whimsical. The structure and and sheen of the fabric also gives the looks an other worldly vibe that’s very chic and streamlined. This collection is most definitely a killer step forward for Poster Girl and I’m stoked to see what lies on the horizon for the brand.

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